Mixed Race People From Africa

The capacity of the human species to change its Phenotype in order to adapt to changing environments is evidence that Mixed Race People were conceived from the inception of humanity. This reminds me of the metamorphosis of the butterfly


Anthropological finds dating from the Upper Paleolithic through the Mesolithic periods (20,000 B.C. - 8,000 B.C.) confirm the existence of "Africoid" types in China.

In a cave near Peking, in a town called Chou-Koutein, skeletal remains of an old man (Africoid Neanderthal), a woman (Eskimo or Mongolian), and a young female (Modern day Melanesian), were found. Anthropologist, Carleton Coon, defined the Eskimo the Caucasoid type.

Earlier fossil remains from the provinces of Szechwan and Kiangsi in Southern China during the period 50,000 B.C. - 10,000 B.C., include two unearthed human skulls, the Tzu-yang Man (Mongoloid) and Liu-chiang ("Black" type).

These two skulls have been used as a basis to suggest that the population of Southern China represents an early form of Homo Sapiens which later differentiated and constitute elements of Modern mongoloid and the Oceanic black populations.

The annals of ancient Chinese legend describe a primitive 'hairy' race of people who are now identified as the Ainu. These Ainu who predominantly existed in Japan show signs of Black and Mongolian mixed race. There are still Ainu currently living in the mountains of China and in Japan.

The Ainu exodus from Africa began in Egypt and they settled in Persia, India, China and Asia. Ainu are described as "Children of the Bear", and evidence shows a Bear cult in pre-historic China. There is reference in Egypt and Mesopotamia to "Striking down of the Anu", perhaps a legend of their expulsion from these areas.

Early Chinese legends indicate traditions of divine dynasties, one being the Epoch of the Five Emperors. The first Emperor, known as Fu-Hsiu/Fu-hi (2953 B.C. - 2838 B.C.) is described as being a wooly-haired Negro. He is credited with establishing government, originating social institutions and cultural inventions.

Negritos whom the Chinese called "Black Dwarfs" lived in the mountainous districts south of Yangtze; after the third century of our era, however, they are not mentioned.

Some emigrated, and are the ancestors of the Australian aborigine stock and the Papual people, known as Melanesian,

but others remained and were assimilated by the dominant southern Mongolian stock, as witness to kinky hair and swarthy skin noticeable among a few southern Chinese.


Brazil is a country with one of the highest percentages of mixed race people. The 2000 census of Brazil found that 40 percent of the population are considered brown or mixed race, 5 percent black and 54 percent white.

The Philippines

The first People to come to the Philippines were The Aetas. They were also called Atis. They came across land bridges from mainland Asia about 25,000 years ago. At that time our country was connected to Asia by land bridges w/c later sank below the sea.

The Aetas were very small people. They were less than 5 feet tall. They had black skin, short kinky hair, thick lips and black noses. They used the Bow & Arrow for hunting. Today, there are still Aetas in the hills of Zambales.

Filipinos and Singaporeans have the least amount of epicanthal fold due to admixture. Filipinos are of Malayo-Polynesian stock mixed with significant Black ancestry. Singaporeans are a mix of Chinese/Mongloid stock with a Polynesian admixture.


The Mendriq are believed to be one of the first groups of people to inhabit Malaysia. The Kensiu are one of the groups living in Malaysia and are classified under the Senang category.

These are some of the attestations to the beginnings of Mixed Race People, Ivan VanSertima, African Presence in Early Asia

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