Mixed Race

Origins, Concepts & Social Norms

Hello, and welcome to Mixed Race Planet. This website will explore some of the origins, concepts and social norms related to Race and Mixed Race. However, before we move forward, I would like to share with you my version of a quote by author Julian Jaynes on Consciousness.

In this world of unseen visions and heard silences, this planet of the Mind. How sweet the memories of unnoticed daydreaming, and the privacy of it all. A secret planet of speechless monologue with constant ideas. A planet where each of us resides alone in an invisible state of moods, musings, discoveries and disappointments.

From this introspective view, I hope to be able to weave the common thread that brings us to a collective consciousness of humanity, ethnicity, nationality and race.

Mixed Race Originated in Africa

The tree of genetic diversity has as its root, Adam, the male ancestor of every living man, who lived in Africa some 60,000 years ago. Unlike the Biblical Adam, he was not the only male alive at that time, but his descendants are the only ones that survived to this day. About 100,000 years ago migration started from East Africa to all parts of Africa and the Middle East. This exodus from Africa left genetic footprints that can be traced all over the world.

This website was created in 2010, however, I just saw this video a few days ago and had to include it.

The route traveled was more than likely Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, South America. If you look at some of the inhabitants of these countries as they evolved, you would see how the features changed based on the climatic conditions. It has long been established that all humans can trace their ancestry to one gene. But as the genes started mutating, and we took on different appearances, the primitive tribal nature inclined us to to identify ourselves more with the Phenotype (physical qualities).

Fragments of DNA of the Khoisan ethnic group, of which the Kung San are one tribe, date back to the very first human beings, some 120,000 years ago. Based on evidence, the Kung San can lay claim to being the oldest tribe on Earth. Original parents to you and me. In ancient society, in addition to being identified by their nationality people were also identified as Nubian, Egyptian, Libyan and Asiatic. But these distinctions were secondary to tribal and national identity.

The Evolution of the Definition of Race

The term mixed race and multiracial describes people whose ancestries come from multiple races. However, as we know, the evolution took a natural course from the very beginning of the Exodus. Between the 16th and 18th century during the rise of European imperialism and colonization and with the rise of the Atlantic slave trade, brought a further incentive to characterize human groups to justify the subordination of African slaves. Since that time we have evolved and grown and world consciousness has in general expanded and begun to embrace our outward differences and recognize our common similarities. We will further explore the impact of not only culture and cultural norms, but of society and communities, groups and individuals on race and ethnicity. Our journey will take us to several countries of the world.

The Sioux migrated from Asia to North America about 30,000 years ago. Mixed Race is the fastest growing population in the United States. These Mixed Race Artists attempt to create fusion and bridge cultural and traditional differences.