Welcome to Mixed Race Planet!

In 2003 I was fortunate to have two bundles of joy come into my world. They have been a source of inspiration, joy and awe; you see, if you pay close attention to children as they grow and develop you would be in awe too at the miracle of huwoman development. I created Mixed Race Planet in 2009 so that they can have an understanding of how I viewed race, a concept that like so many other things has been weaponized as a means of keeping wealth in the hands of the few. My children are of 3 Nationalities, American/Guyanese/Dutch, but are first Americans. I’ve noticed in the past 20 years or so that there are a lot of Nationalists but no Americans.

Everyone is of some other nationality, maybe deep down there is a recognition that the only Americans are Natives. African Americans have also made this transition, some were Natives, to America and Mexico but have been Negro, Black, African American and Black American. It was also interesting to me when I saw the rollout of forms defining Hispanics as White or Other. This writing is about Natives of a few different countries.