Ism & Schism

In This World

Where Nature, the natural gifts of Elohim, God, Allah, Jehovah has become Religion
Where Religion has become Sectism
Where Philosophy, Paganism, Judaism and Muhammadanism have become
Jews, Christian, Islam, Zorastrianism and Confucianism
Where Christianity has become Catholicism and Protestantism
Where Judaism has become Ethiopian, Ashkenazi and Hasidim
Where Islam has become Sunnism and Shi’ism
And Have led to the formation of
Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Totalitarianism
Fed by classism, racism, sectism, sexism and materialism
Where is the individualism
Controlled, manipulated and subdued by Nationalism
The masses are pitted against each other in Tribalism
While the aristocracy indulge in their Materialism
And feed it to our children from a young age like a Baptism
Through the World Wide Web and Iphonism
While the religious right profess their false perfectionism
As long as you spend your time worshiping man because of his materialism
You will forever be disconnected from your individualism
And the Aristocracy will continue to promote Tribalism
While they bathe you in a false sense of Nationalism
As they line their pockets practicing Globalism
It’s no wonder America is caught up in Trumpism
While the Senate reserve their right to practice their Sectarianism
In their quest for Protectionism
Yes, it’s ism and schism

It’s 2020, time to check your vision
Check your mind, remove the cloud
See the light

I Sigismund Daly