Mixed Race Dating

Depending on the country and culture being observed, Mixed Race dating has taken on its own specific taboos. Let us start by looking at the history of interracial dating in America. Richard Loving, who was white and Mildred Jeter, who was black lived in Virginia and wanted to get married in 1958 but was by law forbidden to be married in that state because of their difference in race. By law it was forbidden for a white person to marry any other than another white person. So they went to Washington D.C. to be married.

The law in the State of Virginia not only forbid mixed-race marriages, but also made it a crime to go out of state with the intent of avoiding the prohibition. After returning to Virginia, by law, they faced prosecution and were sentenced to 1 year in jail for marrying out of state and returning to Virginia. This decision was overturned in 1961 due to issues of unconstitutionality. It was not until 1967 that laws against interracial marriages were banned in the U.S. because they were considered unconstitutional. This was the direct result of the supreme court case of Loving vs. State of VirginiaIt has only been 43 years since this supreme court decision, and America has come a long way. There is a lot more tolerance of mixed race dating, especially in the large metropolitan areas. However, even in these areas there is at times stares, more than likely from someone who has had prejudices passed down to them, sometimes subconsciously by caregivers or peers.

My personal experience in being in a mixed-race relationship for the past 16 years is that there are sometimes stares and glares, and I find that they are best taken with a grain of salt while you go about your business. But, about a 2 years ago, after being married for 12 years, we were in Atlantic City and an older woman gave us what I perceived to be such a long, hard and evil stare, that really took me by surprise. Sometimes your relationship may not be accepted even by close family members. Remember, it is your life and don’t let anyone stand between you and the feelings you have for someone else.

I recently found out that there are sites dedicated to Mixed Race Dating. I try to be open minded, but I find it limiting to pursue a mate initially based on race. I believe that attraction is more spontaneous, however, I can see how even though you may limit yourself to one race you could still find that attraction.

Mixed-Race Dating in Other Countries


There appears to be more tolerance for mixed race dating in England, and that may be due to the fact that unlike America’s history of slavery, the ethnic population were at first, mostly indentured servants, then immigrants. I would appreciate feedback from Mixed Race couples who have dated in England in order to better understand the differences.

Please also feel free to share your experiences from other parts of the world.

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