Myth as Origin of Religion

Allow the children to explore myths and the many influences to religion. Mixed race religion should not be static, but should be afforded the opportunity to explore, not only the possible two religions of their parents, but to also understand the premise of others in order to gain a better understanding of their environment and the world. Exploration of myths around the world and examining how they influenced thought and religion as far back as 6,000 BC in the kingdom of Kush, Nubia.

The Kushites believed the world was covered with water and an island came out of the water and on it the first God was born. Re was the most publicly worshiped form of Atum, though the cult of Re emerged as a universal God. The symbol of Re is a sun disk.

The creation myth of Egypt is thought to come from ancient Thebes, but is said to be much older. The Egyptians believed the father of the God Ra was the waters. Ra was alone until he found a place where he could stand. Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun God.

The Hindu creation myth, 1500 BCE, states that there was no heaven or earth. There was nothing in the world until a great dark ocean appeared and a giant cobra floated on the water. The Lord slept undisturbed and then from the depths began to rumble, Aum. This vibration grew and spread and filled the emptiness with great energy. Hindus celebrates Diwali, a festival of light.

There are two parts to the Hebrew creation myth written between 397 and 300 BCE. In the beginning Elohim, god, created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and there existed nothing but darkness. The spirit of God moved over the face of the waters and said “Let there be light” and there was light. God created man in his own image. Judaism festival of light is Hanukkah.

The Zoroastrianism creation myth states that in the beginning there was nothing, except for the Wise Lord who lived in infinite light and the Evil spirit who lived in infinite darkness. One day the wise lord decided to create and first created the sky, second he created pure water, third he created the earth, four he created the plants and fifth, he created the animals, big and small. Zoroastrianism celebrates Diwali, a festival of light.

Jainism is a religion that was founded on what can be considered a non-creation creation myth. It’s an ancient Indian religious system that took root around 6 BCE. Jain cosmology sees the universe as an uncreated entity, existing since infinity and having no beginning nor end. Jainism celebrates Diwali, a festival of light.

There is no creation story in Buddhism. The Buddha advised that we should not concern ourselves with questions to which there are no answers, but to spend our time seeking enlightenment, address the cause of suffering in our lives and take steps to remove it. Buddhist festival of light is Buddha day.

Confucianism is not an official religion, but has greatly influenced East Asian spiritual life in a comparable manner. The main idea of Confucianism is humaneness, signifying excellent character in harmony with one’s true nature. The teachings of Confucius were first meant for the rulers in China. As Confucianism spread through China, his followers later included ideas originating in Buddhism, Taoism.

The Christian creation myth is the same as the Hebrew creation myth, a monotheistic belief. The one-god concept is the main religious form in both Judaism and Christianity. In the beginning god created heaven and earth and the earth was without form. It took six days for the creation to be completed and on the seventh day he rested and called that day holy. Christian festival of light is Christmas.


The creation myth of Islam is also monotheistic like Judaism and Christianity. A single powerful god created the world out of nothingness. Man was created and given dominion over all of the plant and animals. The creation was completed in six days and the universe was created orderly with everything in its proper place. This orderliness is proof of God. Muslims celebrating Ramadan, festival of lights.

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