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Jul 23, 2019

I don’t fit in, not even in my own family

I have a Puerto Rican dad and a white mom. But I never see my dad’s side of the family, because most of them are gone. And as a result, we always end up………

Mar 04, 2014

Island of misfits

My mother met my father in Toronto in the late 60’s when it was taboo for a white woman to love a black man. My mother is Irish and Lebanese and my father…….

Dec 27, 2013

Why couldn’t I fit in?

My Mom is African American creole and native American my dad is Puerto Rican Black and white.I’ve never really fit in with the blacks whites or the Hispanics……..

Oct 15, 2013

Being the mixed girl

Being 16 with a black mother and a white father was hard growing up. This is such a racist time and it’s even worse for a mixed kid. Just recently I met…

Oct 15, 2013

What am I?

I constantly get asked, What are you? and I can never just let this question roll off my shoulder. I want to answer, Human but that may be perceived as…..