Spirituality & Mixed Race

Since people of Mixed race are usually multi cultural I think they should learn from the ground up and decide what they believe. Spirituality relates to matters of the spirit and implies that there is something, though not necessarily available through our limited five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, nevertheless exist. It is similar to us not being able to see an atom, but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Mixed race children and children adopted by a family of a different race usually navigate understanding two different cultures, however, spirituality is a more personal experience and involves seeking and understanding our origin, purpose, and beliefs in a higher power.

The origin of the universe and all that is in it has been a subject that man has been exploring and trying to understand since the beginning of time. Kids are of course introduced to religion by their parents, and parents usually introduce their children to the religion that was introduced to them by their parents or one that they later adopted. Spiritual beliefs preceded religion when man developed stories of creation called creation myths. These stories have been around thousands of years (BCE) before the Christian era and were used to communicate a better understanding of the earth and the universe, how it was formed and how it will evolve.

Growing up in a Christian family, I was compelled to attend church, Sunday school and sing in the choir. I grew up in a British colony, and one interesting thing about the church I attended and every other one that I entered was that Jesus on the cross was always a white male in every church I attended. Attendance was a family tradition, but when I became of age and was able to make my own decisions I stopped attending church. I think Mixed race children should explore creation myths that the ancients used and passed down through oral and written tradition and see how these myths influenced religions. You can explore your spirituality through reaching for a higher self, higher power, an understanding of the nature or religion.

Chronology of Major Religions

Sun Worship Nubia 6000 BCE

Sun Worship Egyptian 3000 BCE

Hinduism 1500 BCE

Zoroastrianism Zoroaster 628 – 527 BCE

Jainism Mahavira 599 – 527 BCE

Buddhism Buddha 563 – 484 BCE

Confucianism Confucius 551 – 479 BCE

Christianity Jesus 1 – 33 CE

Islam Mohammad 622 CE

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